Sen Carper Talks About Lessons Learned from the Boston Marathon Bombing

Jul 12, 2013 -- 2:25am

As runners neared the end of the Boston Marathon on April 15, two explosions sent Boylston Street into chaos.  During a hearing this week Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee Chair Tom Carper tells WGMD the City of Boston was prepared to respond to a disaster - even the disaster that occurred and they were ready for the worst.  For Boston – they have worked to promote effective emergency response systems and they’ve trained their response while coordinating the response plan to minimize the impact and devastation caused by the bombs.  Three people died and hundreds injured, but without the training and planning for the Marathon – the death count likely would have been much higher.

A similar event occurring in another city would likely not have seen similar results because of the preparation that goes into the Boston Marathon.  Since the 2001 Terror Attacks - while security was ramped up 12 years ago - in many locations people are no longer as vigilant as they were. 

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