Nanticoke Watershed Alliance to Release 5-Year Report Card During Nanticoke Riverfest

Jul 12, 2013 -- 2:24am

During this weekend’s Nanticoke Riverfest in Seaford, the Nanticoke Watershed Alliance will announce the results of a 5-year Nanticoke River Report Card.  The results will be announced at 12:30 on Saturday.  Recipients will see how the Nanticoke River has been graded over the past 5 years by the Nanticoke Watershed Alliance – and learn about the focus areas needed to ensure that the water quality is improved for use in the future.  Some of the parameters – like water clarity are measured on site – but the report card will also address total nitrogen and phosphorus and studies bacteria data on the main part of the river from the Boat Ramp to Nanticoke, Maryland.

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