Piping Plovers Close to Fledging

Jul 06, 2013 -- 10:47am

There are three piping plover chicks and their parents who have set up foraging territory along the shores of Gordons Pond at Cape Henlopen State Park.  At the Point, three pairs of plovers have hatched chicks – one pair with 3 and other has 1.  The third pair’s chick has not been seen I about a week.  The 4 chicks look like they’ll be starting to fledge in about 2 weeks. There are still 2 additional pairs of plovers still incubating eggs on the point – they should be hatching any day.

There are other shorebirds that DNREC officials cater to during the summer besides the piping plover.  Officials say that least terns look to be trying to establish a colony a colony inside the closed area at Gordons Pond.  As many as 50 adults have been spotted defending the area.  Also a brood of oystercatcher chicks that was relocated from one side of Route 1 to another by DNREC may have moved about a half mile away.  There have been no other signs of any additional beach-nesting activity between Indian River Inlet and Tower Road.

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