UPDATE: Plea Deal Offered in Milton Waterboarding Case

May 18, 2013 -- 4:33am

The wife of a Milton pediatrician arrested last August for allegedly waterboarding his 11-year-old step-daughter, agreed in court Friday to plead guilty to child endangerment charges and testify against her husband.

The agreement calls for Pauline Morse to plead guilty to three misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare of a child and to cooperate with prosecutors and testify against Dr. Melvin Morse; Dr. Morse has pleaded NOT guilty to felony child endangerment and misdemeanor assault charges and he’s denied police claims that he may have been experimenting on the girl. Melvin Morse is set to go on trial June 10.

The Morse's were arrested after the child alleged that her step-father dragged her across a gravel driveway by her ankle last July and held her face under a running faucet at least four times since 2009, causing the water to go up her nose and all over her face while her mother stood by and did nothing to stop the abuse.

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