DNREC to Treat 6 Downstate Ponds for Aquatic Nuisance Weeds

May 17, 2013 -- 11:24pm

Over the next three weeks – DNREC will be treating 6 downstate ponds for aquatic nuisance weeds that can kill beneficial plants and prevent fishing and boating.  The primary target is hydrilla – which is a non-native plant that came to Delaware through the aquarium trade!  DNREC will apply Sonar, which is an aquatic herbicide to Abbotts and Tub Mill Ponds near Milford, Millsboro Pond, Horsey’s and Tussock Ponds near Laurel and Concord Pond near Seaford.  DNREC’s Fisheries Section has filed a pesticide discharge management plan, but Sonar doesn’t pose any threat to wildlife – including fish and there are no restrictions on fishing or eating fish as a result of the planned treatments.  Signs will be posted in the boat ramp area on the day of treatment and the only restriction is a 30 day restriction for residents on the use of water from the ponds – so if you live beside or directly downstream – don’t use the pond water to irrigate gardens, yards or agricultural lands because of possible damage to plantings.

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