Ocean City Beach Patrol Conducting Surf Rescue Academies For New Lifeguards

May 15, 2013 -- 10:57am

The Ocean City Beach Patrol will go on duty to guard the resort’s 10 miles of beach on May 25, the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. However, before the new beach patrol members take their seats in the stands, they’ll be trained on how to rescue swimmers in trouble in the surf.

The Beach Patrol’s first Surf Rescue Academy will begin on Sunday, with 35 new employees, followed by another academy on June 16. The pre-employment evaluation is a 12-phase process that lasts six hours, and ends with an interview. Employees who are offered positions as Surf Rescue Technicians will complete the 65-hour Surf Rescue Academy, which includes both physical skills training and instruction in the classroom. Candidates will have to pass a mandatory drug test to complete the course.

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