DUI Suspect Wounded After Fleeing Traffic Stop in Salisbury

May 07, 2013 -- 9:27am

A Salisbury man is being treated for wounds he sustained this morning when he was shot by a Maryland state trooper after he fled from a traffic stop while holding the trooper inside his vehicle.

The suspect is identified as 23-year-old Harry Wyatt-Swift; he’s currently undergoing treatment for injuries at a Baltimore hospital. He is under State Police guard at the hospital and charges against him are pending and are expected to be filed later today.

The trooper involved is identified as Trooper First Class Richard Keidel, a five-year veteran of the Maryland State Police.

Police say that around 1:30 this morning, Trooper Keidel was patrolling on Johnson Road near Nevins Place, when he saw a car that was speeding and had a tag light out; Wyatt-Swift was pulled over and was given a field sobriety test after the trooper smelled alcohol. Police say Wyatt-Smith ran back to his car in an attempt to flee the scene during the field sobriety test. When Trooper Keidel reached into the car in an attempt to take the keys, Wyatt-Smith grabbed his arm and drove off, with the trooper hanging out the driver’s side window. The trooper repeatedly told Wyatt-Smith to stop, but the suspect refused and continued to drive down Johnson Road.

Trooper Keidel shot Wyatt-Smith in the abdomen and face. He was taken into custody a short time later after hitting a telephone pole.

Trooper Keidel sustained injuries and was treated and released at the Peninsula Regional Medical Center.

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