UPDATE: Motions Hearing for Accused Murderer Matthew Begins in Snow Hill

May 01, 2013 -- 4:41pm

Nearly 11 months after a woman was murdered in Delaware, the accused was in court in Snow Hill for a motions hearing.

The motions hearing for accused murderer Matthew Burton began in Worcester County Circuit Court Wednesday.  Burton, who’s 28 and of Dagsboro, is charged with killing and raping 35-year-old Nicole Bennett in June.  Burton was in court wearing a dark green jumpsuit, with closely cropped beard and hair Wednesday.  He sat quietly and watched his defense lawyers as they discussed evidence in several categories.  Burton's lawyers asked State’s Attorney Beau Oglesby to give them evidence they don’t already have, including fingerprints and recordings.  Among recordings discussed at the motions hearing were police conversations with family members and friends of 35-year-old Nicole Bennett.

 Her body was found in Whaleyville.  The motions hearing is expected to continue Thursday - A jury trial is scheduled for June 10-14.

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