Senator Chris Coons has been Working for Delaware

Apr 26, 2013 -- 1:57am

Senator Chris Coons has been involved in a number of discussions just this week – including one on our changing climates and oceans.  Coons says that because of Delaware’s low elevation – we are in a unique place that makes us susceptible to sea level rise and land erosion - and even just a few millimeters a year or inches in 100 years can make a dramatic difference.  Coons adds that the changes we’re seeing in sea level rise and the erosion of land are occurring quickly – in some cases doubling in the past 10 years   Seeing sea level rise of just a foot and a half in a state with the lowest mean elevation makes us vulnerable to storms, salt water intrusion, damage to our marshes and that foot and a half could mean all the difference in the world for Delaware.

Thursday Senator Chris Coons was part of a moderated panel discussion on issues of importance to rural communities across the country.  Several rural development advocates were at the summit – including Mark Reiger, the Dean of the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources at UD, Michelle Rodgers – UD Cooperative Extension Director and Melanie Allen – a UD student.  The panels highlighted the economic conditions facing rural communities and the ag industry and what role the federal government can play to ensure long-term support for the communities.   Issues included the importance of investing in the health of farmland, natural resources and infrastructure as well as connecting our farmers and ranchers with consumers – including schools, hospitals and businesses.

Today Senator Chris Coons visits the Children’s Advocacy Center in Dover.   The Children’s Advocacy Center in Delaware played a huge part in the investigation of Lewes pediatrician Dr. Earl Bradley who was convicted of sexually abusing dozens of children.  Coons tells WGMD in the FY 2014 federal budget there’s no funding for the Children’s Advocacy Centers and he's leading the effort to have that funding restored.   250 interviews were done by the Children’s Advocacy Center during the Earl Bradley investigation which lead to Bradley's conviction and sentence of 14 life sentences. 

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