New Power Plant to Provide Clean, Sustainable Power to Co-Op Members

Apr 23, 2013 -- 11:32am

Delaware Electric Cooperative has joined with Old Dominion Electric Cooperative to announce the construction of a new natural gas driven power plant to provide clean, sustainable energy to DEC’s 85,000 members. The plant will be owned by Old Dominion Electric Cooperative based in Glen Allen, Virginia.

Delaware Electric Co-op and ten other electric cooperatives in Maryland and Virginia purchase their power from ODEC and will each own a portion of the new power plant. The natural gas plant will be built in Cecil County, Maryland next to an existing gas powered plant. Once completed, the facility will produce 1,000 megawatts of electricity, enough to power 390,000 homes.

Delaware Electric Cooperative President and CEO Bill Andrew says the project will provide members with a stable source of energy for decades, keep electric rates low and allow the Co-op to meet the energy demands of a growing population in central and southern Delaware; he says natural gas is affordable and much cleaner than most traditional fossil fuels.

The construction of the Cecil County power plant will not have an impact on member rates. The project will help Delaware Electric Co-op maintain a diverse portfolio of energy sources, including wind, coal, solar, nuclear and landfill gas. DEC is already in the process of building a 20 acre solar energy farm outside of Georgetown, which will provide clean energy to 500 homes.

The natural gas driven power plant is expected to be operational by 2017.

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