DNREC Looking for Bat Spotters

Apr 20, 2013 -- 12:50am

The weather is getting warmer – and that means the bats are coming back to Delaware.  DNREC needs your help to spot and count non-nuisance bat colonies in Delaware. Eight species of bats live in Delaware and they do prey on nuisance insects at night – like mosquitoes, moths and beetles and help to reduce the amount of pesticides we use.  However bats can also take up residence in places you don’t want them.   If you have bats in your belfry – or barn, attic or outbuilding – you need them removed before May 15, which is when female bats start giving birth.  DNREC also needs help to count bat colonies – and are looking for volunteer bat spotters to help locate them and count them.  To report a colony or volunteer as a bat spotter – call 302-735-8674.

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