WGMD Listeners React To YouTube Video Of Rehoboth PD Officers' Actions In April 7 In Arrest

Apr 15, 2013 -- 11:49am

WGMD listeners shared their varying opinions this morning on "Delmarva's Morning News" about the cell phone on YouTube that surfaced over the weekend showing a man being tased and kicked multiple times by Rehoboth Beach Police officers as they tried to arrest him on Rehoboth Avenue on April 7.

Several listeners said they understood why the officers had to use force on the man, identified as Jeremy Anderson of Pennsylvania. However, they questioned why the officers felt they had to Taser and kick Anderson as many times as they did. One caller even said it appeared that Anderson was trying to comply with the officers' instructions by putting his hands on the back of his head when he was Tased again. Some callers felt that the three officers seen in the video could've gotten Anderson down onto the ground and arrested him without having to Tase or kick him. One caller says one of the officers in the video has been suspended before for using excessive force.

Officers say they were called by a clerk at the Crosswinds Motel who said Anderson became verbally abusive towards her when he demanded a key to his girlfriend's room, and she refused (it's not clear if the girlfriend is the same woman who identified herself in the video as Anderson's pregnant wife). The clerk says Anderson started cursing at her and a housekeeper, and began spitting in the motel's front lobby. She says Anderson left and came back three times, and cursed at her each time. She says he appeared to be under the influence of some substance. Later, a witness says Anderson and a woman got into an argument on Rehoboth Avenue. At one point in the video, police say the man tried to bite an officer. That's when an officer proceeded to kick Anderson in the head.

Police say Anderson pleaded guilty to several charges in connection with the whole incident, but he hasn't filed a formal complaint against the department. Chief Keith Banks says the incident is still being investigated, and will likely be the subject of an internal investigation.

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