Waterfowl & Trout Stamp Winners to be Decided Thursday

Apr 10, 2013 -- 1:24am

The judging begins Thursday at the Delaware Agriculture Museum and Village in Dover for the winners in the 2014 Delaware Waterfowl and Trout Stamp contests.  Judges, artists and visitors will be on hand at the Delaware Ag Museum to look at this year’s entries into the 2014 Delaware Waterfowl Stamp – formerly the Delaware Duck Stamp contest.  A panel of judges – which includes an artist, waterfowl collector, 2 biologists and the chair of Delaware Ducks Unlimited will choose the winner of the Waterfowl Stamp.  A panel of biologists, collectors, anglers and a Trout Unlimited member will choose the winner of the 2014 Delaware Trout Stamp.  Artists from across the country submit paintings for the two stamp contests. 

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