County Council Discussion on Trashy Properties Turns to Trashy Roadsides

Apr 10, 2013 -- 12:15am

The Sussex County Council got an update from Deputy County Administrator Hal Godwin on several pieces of legislation that are being worked in the General Assembly. 

House Bill 27 would allow school taxxes and property taxes to be collected by tax intercept - which would mean if you're getting a refund from the state or federal government - that refund could be intercepted to pay your outstanding county property or school taxes.  

House Bill 63 is a constitutional amendment that would grant farmers and ranchers the right to engage in modern farming and ranching practices.

An un-numbered bill would eliminate the county row office for the Clerk of the Peace - taking it away from being an elected position throughout the state.  This is also an amendment to the state Constitution, which is being opposed by at least 2 of the 3 county Clerks of Peace.

The council also discussed a ordinance on lot maintenance.  In 2008 the ordinance was amended and part of the ordianance moved to the planning & zoning ordinance.  However, an oversight left part of the ordinance in Chapter 80 - but the penalties associated with it ended up in the planning & zoning ordinance.  Director of Assessment Eddy Parker is looking to reunite the penalties with the rest of the ordinance to make it easier on the rare occasions the county has to go to court over messy properties.

The council during the discussion on lot maintenance also got into a discussion on trash and the amount of it that is junking up the county's roadsides.  Councilman Sam Wilson suggested some signs be put up or cameras to catch the trash tossers in action.  Director of Assessment Parker has also been tasked with looking into that issue as well.

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