DHSS Officials Discuss Work Of Stockley Center Initiative Task Force

Mar 27, 2013 -- 4:28pm

A PowerPoint presentation on the ideas the Stockley Center Initiative Task Force is working on was given for the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services today in the Sussex County Council Chambers. The task force is comprised of 165 people, and between them and feedback from the general public, has come up with 98 specific ideas for how to utilize the roughly 600 to 750 acres of land that the center for the developmentally disabled sits on.

Through an online survey, newspaper ads and drop boxes in public areas, the task force found that Sussex County residents feel that educational and recreational opportunities are not only the most important concepts, but also the most feasible. People associated with the Stockley Center are calling for the center's mission of serving the physically and mentally handicapped to be preserved.

DHSS Secretary Rita Landgraf says her department would like to first understand what direction the task force decides to go in before they decide on what their funding needs might be. She says the department would like to get final recommendations from the task force and start implementing them in June.

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