All Cell Phone with Wireless Emergency Alert Capability Will Now Receive AMBER Alerts in MD

Mar 08, 2013 -- 5:29am

Maryland State Police say AMBER Alert notifications are now being sent to every wireless emergency alert compliant cell phone in the area of an alert.

Effective immediately, AMBER Alert notifications in Maryland will be sent to all cell phones with wireless emergency alert compatibility in the state. Previously, AMBER Alerts were only received on your cell phone if you had visited a website and chose to ‘opt’ in. This no longer applies to the new AMBER Alert cell phone notification system.

The wireless emergency alert uses a loud tone, similar to the emergency alert system (EAS) messages on radio or television, to notify the public. Additional to the audible sounds, the system will also send a ninety character text message with basic information concerning the AMBER Alert.

If you travel outside of Maryland, you will continue to receive alerts issued in the areas you visit.

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