DelDOT Advises Residents of Prime Hook Community Flooding May Cut Off All Access; Road IS Currently Passable

Mar 06, 2013 -- 4:49am

Based on the most recent weather forecast, which calls for the possibility of significant coastal flooding in Delaware, residents and visitors to Prime Hook are advised that even secondary access to the community may be cut off entirely this time around.

While DelDOT has been able to secure emergency alternate access to Prime Hook via North Bay Shore Drive when Prime Hook Road has flooded during previous storms, there appears to be a strong possibility that this access point will flood in this storm because of the expected wind direction and tides.

Should this occur, Prime Hook will be isolated from the mainland throughout the storm and possibly cut off from emergency assistance until flood waters recede. Thus, residents should not count on the secondary access through Broadkill Beach and should consider leaving the area until after the storm.

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