Dover Man Arrested, Charged In Feb. 1 Murder Of Teenager

Feb 16, 2013 -- 9:18am

A Dover man has been arrested for the murder of a teenager earlier this month.

Dover Police arrested 44-year-old Nathan McNeill at his home on Thursday. He’s been charged with pulling the trigger in the late-night murder of 18-year-old Imeer Waddell on February 1. One other person was injured in the shooting. According to court documents, police say Wadell and some witnesses to the shooting had a confrontation with McNeill in a shopping center parking lot about 25 minutes before the shooting happened.

McNeill is charged with first-degree murder, reckless endangering and weapons offenses, and is being held at the Vaughn Correctional Center on $95,100 bail. He’s scheduled to have a preliminary hearing on Friday in the Kent County Court of Common Pleas.

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