AG Biden Secures Indictments for Two Wilmington Homicides

Feb 08, 2013 -- 6:24am

Attorney General Beau Biden says his office has secured murder indictments for two Wilmington shooting deaths that occurred last year.

On Monday the AG secured an indictment charging Joshua Stephenson with the Christmas Eve shooting death of 29 year-old Myron Ashley in Wilmington. Stephenson is charged with numerous offenses, including one count each of 1st degree murder; he’s being held without bail.

Stephenson’s indictment follows the January 22 indictment of 24 year-old Max Turner for the July, 2012 shooting death of Winfield Archie and the wounding of another victim on Wilmington’s west side. Turner is also charged with numerous offenses, including 2nd degree murder. Turner is being held in lieu of $630,000 bail.



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